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Wireless Charger Stand With Killer Kong Design

Wireless Charger Stand With Killer Kong Design

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Charge your devices in a flash! The Prontimus wireless charger and phone stand, with our unique Killer Kong cartoon graphic the will keep your devices in the green, cord-free. Using the Pronitmus is simple, just plug, place, and power up! Prop up the Prontimus at your desk or on your nightstand for easy visibility of your phone while it’s charging up.

Product Specifications

• Wireless Charging Compatible

• Charges Your Phone Twice as Fast as a Wall Outlet

• 10W Charging Speed (Two Coils)

• Input 9V/2A

• Output 9V/1.1 A

• Includes USB-C to USB Cord

• 5.4" x 2.75" x 0.35"

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